Northwest Schools Consortium

In 2010, The School Districts of Burrillville, Cumberland, Lincoln, North Providence, North Smithfield and Smithfield formed, by a Resolution of each School Committee, the Northwest School District Consortium (NWSC). The purpose of the Consortium was to create cost efficiencies and share resources while improving the quality of education across all six districts.

Under statutory authority, the Consortium comports to Rhode Island General Laws §16-3.1-1 and §16-2-9.2.

§16-3.1-1 Purpose of this Chapter

“The purpose of this chapter is threefold: to assist school districts within the state to establish cooperative service operations and the method of administering those operations,; to provide for the delivery of administrative and instruction services desired by school districts; and to provide that the department of elementary and secondary education offer technical assistance to carry out the purpose of this chapter.”

§16-2-9.2 Joint Purchasing Agreement

“Notwithstanding any other law or rule, any two (2) or more school committees may establish joint purchasing agreements between and among themselves… for the purpose of purchasing goods and services.”

Superintendents, Special Education Directors, Business Managers, Curriculum Directors, Technology Directors, and Facility Directors have been working together to find ways to save money and make more efficient use of resources across all four districts

"Sharing a common educational philosophy, maximizing resources, reducing individual district costs, and exploring opportunities to create greater efficiencies among the districts to better serve our students"