CTE Pathways


The Northwest Consortium Career and Technical Education mission is to work collaboratively to ensure a diversity of programming within the four districts and allow for the strategic utilization of resources.

Our Career and Technical Pathway Programs engage students to be problem solvers and self-motivated adults with the communication skills and academic aptitude to succeed in their desired post-secondary college and career choices. The four high schools within the consortium collaboratively provide students unique educational programs that are intellectually stimulating and personally relevant with a strong emphasis on becoming responsible citizens.

Our pathways leverage technology, business partnerships, project-based learning, and 21st Century teaching to enhance the student experience.


Within the NWSC, and in alignment with the Rhode Island Department of Education, we believe that our collective Career and Technical Education programs will:

  • Improve the educational experience of learners by providing an engaging, relevant education that reduces dropout rates, and supports and improves student achievement.

  • Contribute to the development of a skilled, sustainable workforce that is well prepared for the high-demand, high-skill and high-paying jobs of today and tomorrow.

  • Help learners discover the wide range of career options available to them - and chart the most effective and efficient educational pathways for optimum value and success.

  • Provide students with the skills, credentials and technical knowledge necessary to move Rhode Island toward the leading edge of innovation and global competitiveness.


Under statutory authority, NWSC comports to Rhode Island General Laws §16-3.1-1 and §16-2-9.2

1. Each district will hold three (3) spots in any program for students from member districts.

2. The tuition for students from member districts will be $5,000.

3. Each member district will establish a waiting list to draw from in the absence of in-consortium candidates.

4. Each member district will target freshman to complete a 4-year program. Schools will have discretion to all sophomores and juniors to apply and attend depending on the program/student’s background.

5. Students will receive diploma from school they attend and also participate in sports/extracurricular activities. Students who return to their district will be subject to the transfer rule for sports participation.