What We Do

Cost Efficiencies/Quality Programming For Students

  • Technology Directors provide technology workshops for staffs in each district.

  • Exemplary teachers from one district provide professional development to teachers in other districts within the consortium.

  • Consultants provide professional development to teachers; each district shares the cost.

  • High School science teachers representing each of the four districts collaborated with the East Bay Collaborative to write science curriculum; cost shared by each district.

  • Multi-district curriculum teams create shared curricula, scope and sequence documents, and unit plans.

  • Special Education Directors are collaborating to reduce costs and meet student needs by combining, offering, and sharing resources.

  • Facilities Directors have shared equipment and jointly purchased materials creating cost efficiencies for each district.

  • Business Managers created a NWSC Request for Proposal (RFP) and they also have oversight of all fiscal matters creating cost savings.